Airfield Information

Fenland Radio changed frequency to 122.930 on 01 December 2018


Summer Opening Times – 09.00 hrs to 17.00 hrs;

Winter Opening times – 09.00 hrs to 16.00 hrs;

Aerodrome Closed – Mondays;

Pilots note that out of published operating hours there will be no aerodrome emergency services available.


Fenland Aero Club operates on a None PPR bases with the exception of:

  • Non-Radio Flights – PPR required;
  • Aircraft or helicopters requiring JETA1 fuel – PPR required;

Landing Fees:

Microlights £5.00
Single Engine (including helicopters) £5.00
Twin Engines (including jet helicopter) £15.00


Runway 18 (Grass):
518m Landing / 600m Take Off
30m wide (with Displaced Threshold due to close proximity of road)

Runway 36 (Grass):
600m Landing / 600m Take Off
30m wide

IMPORTANT – all landing traffic on RW18/36 must vacate onto the western taxiway to backtrack parking or fuel (as eastern taxiway too narrow and therefore unsafe for taxiing aircraft as well as landing / departing traffic).


Runway 08 (Grass):
670m long
18m wide

Runway 26 (Grass):
670m long
18m wide

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Runway Circuit Directions
Circuit directions at Fenland Aerodrome are:
Runway 18 Right Hand at 1,000ft
Runway 36 Left Hand at 1,000ft
Runway 08 Right Hand at 1,000ft
Runway 26 Left Hand at 1,000ft

Noise Abatement Procedure

  • All traffic to avoid overflying the village of Holbeach St Johns (1nm east if the aerodrome) below 1500 ft QFE
  • RW 18 Arrivals – to avoid overflying the farmhouse / riding centre west of the extended centre line, on base leg fly on northern side of electrical cables 1800m north of aerodrome until established on extended line.
  • RW 36 Departures – to avoid overflying the farm house / riding centre West of the extended line, after take off, track 5° right of the extended line and maintain until passing the electrical cables 1800m North of the aerodrome.
  • RW 08/26 Arrivals – landing traffic vacate onto the northern taxiway and proceed to parking or fuel via the RW18/36 western taxiway.
  • RW 18 Departures – taxi to Hold Echo or cross with care to the western taxiway and proceed to Hold Whiskey.
  • RW 36/08/26 Departures – departing traffic to cross to the western taxiway and proceed to Hold Bravo (by the windsock).
  • RW 26 Departures – departing traffic backtrack RW 26 to line up, only when the approach is clear of landing traffic.


  • Fenland aerodrome operates a Ground Radio Service 122.930 MHz, using the call sign ‘Fenland Radio’.
  • If no answer Pilots should provide relevant safety information on frequency 122.930 MHz, using the call sign ‘Fenland Traffic’.
  • Aerodrome wind direction from the wind sleeve at Hold Bravo located at runway intersection 18/36 & 08/26.

On Arrival at Fenland

  • Pilots should ‘sign in’ at the Clubhouse in accordance with Rules of the Air (Rule 38).
  • Please do not park in front of the Clubhouse, Flying School or the first two lines of parking (which are reserved for the Flying School aircraft).

Aerodrome Status on Mondays

  • Fenland Aerodrome is unlicensed on Mondays.
  • Clubhouse facilities will be limited and catering may not be available.
  • Self service fuel (Avgas & UL91) is available.
  • WARNING – pilots are warned that during the summer months grass cutting and other maintenance is undertaken on Mondays; therefore, pilots should exercise extreme caution when using the airfield.