Airfield Information

We ask that you give a little time to study the following information, especially if this may be your first visit to Fenland.


Summer Opening Times – 09.00 hrs to 17.00 hrs;

Winter Opening Times – 09.00 hrs to 16.00 hrs;

Aerodrome Closed – Mondays;

RFFS cover only provided on Saturday and Sunday during published hours

Fenland Radio is 122.930MHz.


Fenland Aerodrome typically operates on a None PPR basis with the exception of:

  • Non-Radio Flights – PPR required;
  • Aircraft or helicopters requiring JETA1 fuel – PPR required;

However, we currently ask for PPR to obtain a briefing due to possible water logging.

Landing Fees:

Microlights £10.00
Single Engine (including helicopters) £10.00
Twin Engines (including jet helicopter) £20.00


Runway 18 (Grass):
518m Landing / 600m Take Off
30m wide

Please observe the DISPLACED THRESHOLD due to close proximity of public road.

Runway 36 (Grass):
600m Landing / 600m Take Off
30m wide

All landing traffic on RW18/36 MUST vacate onto the Western Taxiway to backtrack or taxi for airfield parking or fuel
(as eastern side is narrow and not suitable for use, and is therefore UNSAFE for taxiing aircraft as well as landing / departing traffic).


Runway 08 (Grass):
670m long
18m wide

RW08 Departure: proceed to ‘Hold Charlie’ on RW08 northern taxi-way prior to lining up RW08.

Runway 26 (Grass):
670m long
18m wide

RW26 Departure: RW26 does NOT have a designated taxi-way. Hold at ‘Bravo’ until ready for departure; RW26 line-up is by backtrack only.

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Runway Circuit Directions
Circuit directions at Fenland Aerodrome are:
Runway 18 Right Hand at 1,000ft
Runway 36 Left Hand at 1,000ft
Runway 08 Right Hand at 1,000ft
Runway 26 Left Hand at 1,000ft
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Including Noise Abatement Map


Noise Abatement Procedure

  • All traffic to avoid overflying the village of Holbeach St Johns (1nm east if the aerodrome) below 1500 ft QFE
  • RW 18 Arrivals – to avoid overflying the farmhouse / riding centre west of the extended centre line, on base leg fly on northern side of electrical cables 1800m north of aerodrome until established on extended line.
  • RW 36 Departures – to avoid overflying the farm house / riding centre West of the extended line, after take off, track 5° right of the extended line and maintain until passing the electrical cables 1800m North of the aerodrome.
  • RW 08/26 Arrivals – landing traffic vacate onto the northern taxiway and proceed to parking or fuel via the RW18/36 western taxiway.
  • RW 18 Departures – taxi to Hold Echo or cross with care to the western taxiway and proceed to Hold Whiskey.
  • RW 36/08/26 Departures – departing traffic to cross to the western taxiway and proceed to Hold Bravo (by the windsock).
  • RW 26 Departures – departing traffic backtrack RW 26 to line up, only when the approach is clear of landing traffic.


  • Fenland aerodrome operates a Ground Radio Service 122.930 MHz, using the call sign ‘Fenland Radio’.
  • During the notified hours of watch as notified (UK AIP EGCL AD 2.18 or by NOTAM), pilots are required to comply with Rule 11(5) of The Rules of the Air Regulations 2015
  • Out of notified hours, pilots should provide relevant safety information on frequency 122.930 MHz, using the call sign ‘Fenland Traffic’.
  • Aerodrome wind direction from the wind sleeve at Hold Bravo located at runway intersection 18/36 & 08/26.

On Arrival at Fenland

  • Pilots should ‘sign in’ at the Clubhouse.
  • Please DO NOT park in front of the Clubhouse, Flying School or the first two lines of parking P1, P2. (which are reserved for the Flying School aircraft).

International Flights

Fenland Airfield is not currently available for international arrivals or departures. Aircraft intending to depart from or arrive at Fenland Airfield internationally will need to use an alternative location that has the required customs authorisation in place.  Details of these can be found in Annex A of this link.

Aerodrome Status on Mondays

  • Fenland Aerodrome is unlicensed on Mondays.
  • Clubhouse facilities will be limited and catering will not be available.
  • Self service fuel (Avgas & UL91) is still available.
  • WARNING – pilots are warned that during the summer months grass cutting and other maintenance is undertaken on Mondays; therefore, pilots should exercise extreme caution when using the airfield.